How To Easily Create A Successful YouTube Channel Using PLR Content!

Starting your own YouTube channel can be a very profitable venture.


Every day normal people are making nice incomes from their own YouTube channels, and it’s not just people doing crazy things for views.


Regular people across tons of different niches and topics are creating easy-to-create videos, uploading them, and getting a ton of views.


And now with private label rights (PLR) content, it’s easier than ever to create a ton of videos for your own channel that gets tons of views.


How To Create A Profitable YouTube Channel


Side Note: For those of you who don’t know what PLR content is, it’s simply content and/or products that you can get a license to use that content in your own business. You can take the content/products that you buy licensing to and use them in a multitude of ways within your business.


All the way from using them in your marketing to taking them and creating your own products to make money. And even taking the content and turning them into videos!


If you decide that you want to start your own YouTube channel and make money from it, there are some key things you need to know before getting started.


Let’s go over those things now…



Understand How You Can Make Money With A YouTube Channel


There are several ways you can make money with your own YouTube channel. You can make money promoting your own products, products you’re an affiliate for, sponsorships, and of course the YouTube partner program which is a great way to monetize your channel if you just want to create content without having to sell anything. YouTube handles everything and just puts ads in your videos, and you get paid part of their ad revenue.


Specifically, the YouTube partner program works by paying you for ads they put in your videos from people who advertise on YouTube. There’s a lot more that goes into it than that, but simply you get a portion of the advertising dollars YouTube gets from its advertisers.


 In order to apply for this though you need at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watch time on your videos in the past 12 months. 


Even though it takes time to get into this program if you’re going to be using PLR content to create informational videos this is a great option.


Simply focus on creating good content until you qualify for the YouTube partner program.


Make sure you research your options for making money with your channel before you even get started, pick one, and focus on that one.



Pick A Profitable Niche/Topic For Your YouTube Channel


Depending on how you plan to monetize your channel will depend on the most profitable niche for you. For example, there are certain niches that do well for monetizing with the YouTube Partner Program, and sometimes they are different than monetizing with sponsorships or affiliate marketing. If you’re monetizing with the YouTube partner program, it’s easy to pick your niche.


A simple Google search will tell you the best niches for the YouTube Partner Program.


So, your job at this point is to take your monetization method and decide on the most profitable niche for you to go into. At this point you will know your niche and know how you’re going to monetize your YouTube channel. Now it’s time to put the real work in create your YouTube channel and start creating your videos.


There is plenty of free information online that will tell you exactly how to create your YouTube channel. It’s very easy and straight forward, but you need to optimize it for YouTube search. A few things you need to pay attention to are:


  • The name of your channel – Make sure you pick a descriptive name that has your main niche keyword in it. Really work on this because it needs to be descriptive and catchy while including your main niche keyword.


  • Your “About Us” page – This is a very important section to your YouTube channel. Make sure that you state exactly what your channel will do for the viewer while putting all of your keywords (naturally) throughout the text you put here.


  • Channel Keyword Tags – Make sure that you take your most searched keywords and use them as your channel tags.


These are the most important things to optimize for, but there are a few other things. Just make sure you learn all you can about setting up and optimizing your channel properly. This will help you get that free traffic from YouTube, so it’s worth the time to invest in learning all about it.


The next part of the work is creating your videos and posting them while optimizing for search. This is something you will continually do because the “lifeblood” of your channel are your videos.


Now, since we are using PLR content creating our videos is going to be pretty easy. I suggest you find all the PLR content you possibly can related to your niche. Then you will need to comb through all of it and start creating video scripts for each topic you will have a video for. Then build a presentation that will allow you to visually present your script. You can do presentations with tons of different programs like PowerPoint, Canva, and one of the 1000’s of other video creators out there.


You have a lot of options, so it will be very easy to get creative.


Start researching, see what your options are, and then decide what tools you will use to create your videos. You can even use multiple tools to change up your videos and keep your audience interested.


Hint: You can hire a voiceover artist to read your script over your presentation for a more professionally done video.


Once you have one video done, you will need to upload it to your YouTube channel and pay attention to all the optimization that you need to do for your video. All the way from creating a title that makes people want to watch while optimizing it for search, to creating keyword-rich descriptions and using tags. This is another area you will need to research.


It’s vital you know how to optimize your video to be found in search.


You can get a ton of traffic right from YouTube by mastering video optimization for search!


What I’ve just covered with you here is just a big overview of using PLR content to create a YouTube channel.


Use this as a guide but know that each part of this you’re going to have to research, learn, and implement on your own.


Creating videos for your own YouTube channel is a very fun and creative venture that could lead to making a nice side income or the income of your dreams, but it’s up to you to put the work in, do the work correctly, and serve your audience.


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