The Truth About The Social Media Management Business Model

If you love posting and interacting on social media, then you just might want to look into making money as a social media manager for others.


I mean why not take something you love to do and make money with it, right?


So, let’s take a deep dive into how the social media manager business model works and see if it’s something you’d like to make money with.


Basically, a social media manager works for a brand (or influencer, celebrity, etc.) and is in charge of creating content for their specific social media channels, posting the content on a schedule, managing interactions, managing analytics, and working to build their following. Just as the title implies you are managing their social media. Sometimes as a social media manager, you will do all of these things or just a few of these things.


For example, some people may want you to just take their content and post it and you don’t have to do any of the content creation. Or some want to do their own interacting with their following and you don’t do any of the interacting. Or a combination of several other things. There are many variables here. It all depends on what your client wants and what you offer.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in making money with there are a lot of things you need to know and do before you jump in.

The first thing you need to know is that it takes some serious know-how to be a social media manager.


You must know how the social media channels you’ll offer to manage work because each one works differently.


Also, each one has different optimal posting times, different content preferences, and different options for posting and interacting, among many other things.


For example, with Instagram, it’s a highly visual social media network. You need eye-catching images and videos to be noticed over there. Also, hashtags are very important and not to mention all the different options for posting. There are posts in your feed, IG TV, Reels, and more.


With Facebook it’s more about funny and/or informational content, personal content like photos, etc. And unlike Instagram, hashtags don’t really work over there. Facebook also has regular post feed content, but there are also Facebook stories, Facebook lives, and we won’t even talk about the Facebook business pages.


Now there’s so much more to each of these, but I just wanted to give you a quick example of how social networks are all very different from each other even when they share a few similarities.


Because of this you absolutely must know the ins and outs of each one you will offer your services for.


I recommend building your own social media presence on each of the social media networks you will offer your social media managing services for.


Get those built up with a healthy following that interacts with you. You could simply get started with one social media channel and post everything you know about that channel and marketing on it. Build it up and then move on to the next channel.


Once you feel like you have the know how you need and have decided what social media channels you will provide management services for, it’s time to build your business, and you’ll start by building your portfolio!


Building your portfolio will be the most important thing you do because most people won’t hire you without seeing what you’ve done for others. The best way to do this is of course as I said showing your own stats, but you can also offer to do it for free for a few businesses for a few months or at a very discounted cost. Ask your friends and family who have businesses if they would allow you to provide your services for them. This is a great way to learn how to be a social media manager and to see what social media management services you’ll want to offer when you start offering paid services. There are many ways to build your portfolio, but this is a great start. Research your portfolio-building options!


Once you know what you’re doing, you have some experience, and you have some results you can share, I recommend setting up a professional website offering your services. You can see examples of what others are doing by going to Google and searching for social media management services. Do some research, plan what your website will look like, what it will say, what services you will offer, etc.


At this point you will be ready to start getting clients! You can do this by advertising on the social media channels you built when you got started (meaning reach out to your existing following), creating a LinkedIn profile dedicated to promoting your services, set up your profiles on freelancing websites, get recommendations from friends and family, and the list of things you could do go on and on. This is another area you’ll want to research and then create a “client getting strategy”.


Once you get your first client you will then have to balance your work schedule on working for them, getting additional clients (if need be), and continuing your social marketing education. You need to keep in mind that as a social media manager, your education will never stop. Technology is constantly changing, regulations are constantly changing, marketing tactics are constantly changing, and more. Balancing your work schedule will be key in your success and sanity.


Now don’t let all of this scare you away from this business model. There is a lot of initial work that goes into being a social media manager.


It takes time to learn and time to build your portfolio just to get started, but it can be totally worth all the initial work you need to put into it.


You could have an amazing career working for yourself all the while helping others.


Now what I’ve told you here is a great starting point, but for everything I’ve covered here it’s just the highlights. I recommend you do some research, think on what you do, and then sit down and make a plan to accomplish it. You have what you need to get started and I wish you much success on your journey!


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