How To Grow Your YouTube Channel and Make Money in 2022

Have you seen those YouTubers making a killing by creating and uploading content to YouTube and think you want to try your hand at it?


Are you wondering if you can actually grow your YouTube channel and make money as one of those “YouTubers”?


How to grow your YouTube channel in 2022

Well, let’s first take a look at the YouTuber business model and see if you can actually make money with it and to help you make your decision if it’s going to be the business model for you or not.


First off there are many ways to make money with YouTube.


You don’t have to be a young person and do stupid antics to get attention. There are YouTubers who make a lot of money doing what is seen as “normal things” across all kinds of topics.


Top 7 Best Niches To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022



Here are a few examples:


Gaming – This one is huge. All the way from just playing and recording it to creating tutorials and everything in between.


Make Money – If you know of a way to make money or multiple ways to make money it’s a great topic to grow your YouTube channel.


Reviews – One thing we ALL do as people is buy things, and most of the time before we buy, we search for a review. Doing REAL product reviews is a great option.


Travel – This is another big one and you could cover a multitude of things here. Places to visit, footage of places you visit, saving money while traveling and the list goes on and on.


Cooking – You would have to get really specific here with a topic, but cooking videos do really well on YouTube if you find the right niche.


Education – Are you an expert on a certain topic? Then creating YouTube videos about your topic would be a great thing to pursue.


Industry News – One of the best niches to do this in would be the tech industry because there are so many new technologies and gadgets coming out all of the time. But this would work in just about any ever-changing industry.


I would start with those topics, go over to YouTube and see what they are doing to get your own ideas for your own YouTube Channel. This is where you get started as a YouTuber. You need to have the main idea and a lot of ideas for video content.


So, the first step with this business model is to find a profitable topic for your YouTube channel.


Once you have decided on your niche or topic then you want to have a mission!




 Having a mission for your YouTube Channel is vital. 


It’s going to be the thing that keeps you focused and actually creates a channel people love.


Ask yourself what you want to accomplish for your viewers.


Do you want to educate them and help them? Do you want to entertain them? Whatever your mission is you need to be very clear on it before moving forward with your channel.


Now here’s where the real work comes in.


Now it’s time to create a few videos for your channel.


There are many ways to do this, but I recommend doing some research, find what others are doing, and gather your ideas from there.


Hot Tip: When looking at other videos pay attention to videos with lots of views. Those are obviously good idea generators for you! If they have a lot of views, then it’s safe to say it’s a good topic to create your own videos around.


Once you have your ideas gathered, start creating a few videos. There is so much free education on YouTube about video creation, editing, and equipment. Spend some time figuring out what you need, make a plan, and go create that content.


Hot Tip: The first video you create should be your Channel Trailer video. Introduce yourself and your mission and set this video as your Channel Trailer video so that people who aren’t familiar with you and what you do on YouTube can see this video and hopefully subscribe and start following you. As you evolve and get better keep making your Channel Trailer video better.


After you have some content upload your videos, and then move on to the next step which is customizing your channel. This includes things like choosing a good channel name, filling in your “About” section and description, uploading channel art, etc.


 The most important thing you can do here is to learn to optimize your channel so that it’s found when doing searches for related keywords AND that it provides a good user experience. 


At this point, you will be on your way to being a YouTuber, but there’s so much more after getting set up.


Now you will continually create videos for your channel, but you will also keep learning to create better videos (better videos equal more views), how to optimize your videos so they are found in searches, and how to keep getting more subscribers and views among other things.


Your days will be spent between creating and publishing videos and learning because as a YouTuber you continually need to educate yourself about many things.


After you start seeing some success with your channel (success when you’re just getting started is defined by videos views and subscribers) then you will want to start looking at what you can do to monetize your channel.


You can:


Join the YouTube partner program – This has some requirements, but if you can get your videos getting a lot of views you can make some great money with this option.


Be an affiliate – As you’re creating your content you can recommend different products and services and use your affiliate links to make money on purchases your viewers make.


Create sponsored content – This is an advanced option because you will need a very active YouTube Channel, but brands will pay you to create content. Do your research on this option because it can be a big money option, but requires you to know what you’re doing.


Take tips – There are all kinds of platforms that allow your viewers to send you tips for your content. Research your options and make money by getting tips from your viewers.


Sell your own products – If you have a cool brand for your channel you can create merchandise (t-shirts, cups, etc.) that your viewers can buy. You can also sell your digital and physical products.


These are just a few options you can use, so do your research and figure out what’s going to be best for you and your viewers.


So, can you make money as a YouTuber?


You bet you can, and some YouTubers are making millions upon millions of dollars. It all starts with having a plan, educating yourself about every step of that plan, and getting better at each of the parts of the plan.


As I said, the education process never stops for a YouTuber.


There are a lot of “moving parts” to this business model, but if you like creating videos this could be the perfect business model for you.


Now go learn, have fun, and make some money!


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